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Radan Lighting Co.LTD has 15 years of experience in the field of lightening and illumination and also in design and producing of LED lighted instruments with various applications to meet the needs of various locations.
The company inspired with the ideas of modern and up-to-date technology has many offers and solutions for the customer`s needs in the field of lightening and illumination.
The main characteristics of the company is implementing of high quality products according to the last standards of the world applying the technical experiences of reputable international companies and has enough skills to execute all kinds of projects.
Our products are specific and prominent of the view of efficiency and stability and have all needed quality standards.
The changes are applicable in all of our products considering the special needs and orders of customer and will be done in possible cases.
Now, applying its experiences and products Radan company is consulting and presentingits services in the vast domain of Iran`s market and also neighboring countries.

All the products have CE standard of Europe.

Radan Co.LTD has the representative of the following:


اعــطـای نـمـایــنـدگــی   ثـبـت پـروژه



In order to highlight a monument and its surrounding, it is needed to some efforts to prevent disappearing of it in night time and we need to use light effects and elements like projectors or pixels or linear lights in up light mode. The products like wall washers (rectangle & linear), pixel lamps, underground lamps and under tree lamps are useful in this case.



Light is important in indoor case and enough light improves the sense of relaxation for everyone. The spectrum of light colors with light deflection can fascinate any viewer.The SWAROVSKI Co. with its crystal products has this achievement. With a complex of products like LED linear or fiber optics we can make a beautiful environment. The used products for these indoor cases are: led linear and star crystals and halogens in ceiling and wall SWAROVSKI crystals.



This method is suitable for creating an outdoor view within an indoor location, that is, we can have a view of night starry sky with flickering effects with using this product and style. Especially if we use SWAROVSKI crystals along with these fibers, the created sight will be wonderful.



In this special environment that is full of humidity and heat we need special tools. So using PMMA fiber optic or glass fiber optic along with their special heads, that totally are connected to a light source and its power supply far enough from the location, cause to remove electric hazards. All the light colors also are available.



With LED lamps of IP68 standards we make this kind of lighting. With usage of 12 and 24 volts lamps the hazard shocks are eliminated.
There is also fiber optic solution for this kind of lighting. These fibers with different diameters can be mounted in floor or the walls of pool and the light source is located in a distance of a few meters from the pool. Only fibers are used to distribute light effects around the pool and the lenses are inside the water environment that make the role of lamps and there is no hazardous point in this way. This way of lighting is very cost efficient and all the color spectrum is available in this lighting system.



Fountains are made of water spouts that throw the water upward and because of water clearance it is possible to reflect any color of light and water seems to be colored. The lighting product beside the fountain make us possible to change the color of water to any desired color and create the pleasant effects. The used product is a lamp of LED with IP68 standard and water proof of course. There is also another product with shape of a circle and all the IP68 LED lamps over this circle.



  • Thanks to the qualified engineers and designers of Radan Co.LTD and also our experimented staff, the company in more than 13 years is designing and producing the products like: LED LINEAR and LED LINEAR SMD in different colors and densities and also kinds of WALL WASHER S and WALL WASHER L in different colors and length.


  • We have also some kinds of  PROFILES  LED in different colors for many applications and locations like: light panel for building view or floor light or lighted baseboards or ceiling light or also in the stairwells parallel to ladders. Also for clothing stores vitrines or all dark locations as light guide of the root or on the stairs is applicable.


  • It is also possible to produce all kinds of pool lamps and light sources for fiber optics and pixels for lighting of building face and other lighting devices.The company is also active in interior or outdoor light supplying and designs and lighting of locations like hotels or hospitals or saloons or halls and also sport complexes and stores and swimming pools and fiber optic works.

    –Radan Co.LTD