This is a highly used product specially, instead of light hoses in hidden lights and also instead of lamps Under cupboard and drawer andfor lighting of barisol ceilings. Because of the flat body of this product, this is a very practical element in lighting designs, for example in barisol ceilings this is a very proper alternative for fluorescent lamps resulting in low maintenance cost and monotone light and also low power consumption.Applicable in different densities of LEDs for various usages. LED devices are supplied from Seoul Semi Conductor Co. and are installed on metal PCB inside an anodized aluminum rails, so that the best heat sink effect and also LED lifetime is provided.
Suitable also for outdoor and indoor locations as back light or hidden light needs and, as described,is applicable in lighting of barisol ceilings in stores or hotels or hospitals or sign boards and saloons or halls and also residential complexes.

Thanks to an IC DRIVER applied in this product, the lighting of indoors or highly sensitive and secured locations like plane cabins, trains or subway trains, ferries, buses and all kind of home or industrial refrigerators is performable.